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  • ARS Scissors

    ARS Scissors   These ARS scissors have short-blades and high-leverage which are perfect for general rope splicing tasks with great precision and comfort. Hard chrome plating offers greater hardness, rust proofing, sharp looks and precision. The comfortable, universal fit, soft … Read More

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    Marlow Whipping Twine #4 Marlow’s Wax Polyester Whipping Twine is widely regarded as the best whipping twine on the market.  Give us a try!!! FEATURES Material: Waxed Polyester Good strength Variable colors SPECS Length: 134′ MPN: TAE

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  • Round Rope Thimble-1/2″

    Round Rope Thimble SPECS Diameter: 1/2″ Material: Plastic Shape: Round Color: Green MPN: 350410

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    The Samson Splicing Kit comes with instructions for a double-braid eye splice.  Give us a try!!! WE offer some great products.   Full of useful splicing tools. Great for splicing 12-strands like Tenex as well, up to 1/2” in diameter. … Read More

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  • Shrink Tubing Clear-per ft

    Shrink Tubing Clear-per ft. * 3/4″ or 1″   2:1 shrink ratio heat shrink tubing in the most popular diameter sizes, made from a variety of high performance polymers for your diverse applications, requirements and environments, meeting all applicable industry … Read More

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    Whipping Twine, Waxed #7 with #14 Needle Give us a try!!!!!! FEATURES Polyester, waxed whipping twine #14 Needle Qty: 1oz or 4 oz. SPECS Color: White Made in USA MPN: 7P

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