Elvex Helium 18 AF/PC Blue Blocker


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Elvex Helium 18

Elvex Helium 18 designed for workers who don‘t want to wear eyewear protection. Extremely Comfortable. Secure Fit. Ultra-Light Eyewear! Weighs only 18 grams and maintains a Class 1 optics! Temples securely hold the frame in place for better non- slip compliance.

• 50% Copper Blue Blocker lens, that reduces glare and enhances visual acuity
• Ergo Fit contour“ drop” temples, follows the shape and lies flat to your head
• Fits well with hearing protectors and other PPE
• Contemporary rectangular semi-frame style looks great on all face configurations • Ample universal nose bridge for better fit and comfort

Popular in the work force today

Color: grey plus copper blue blocker




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