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1.1) The information provided by the manufacturer (hereinafter information) must be read and well understood by the user before using the device. 1.2) All our devices are tested / checked piece by piece in accordance to the procedures of the QualitySystemcertifiedaccordingtotheUNIEN ISO 9001 standard.
1.3) Personal protective equipment is certified by the notified body reported in the specific instructions of the device in accordance with Annex V of the Regulation(EU) 2016/425. If Category III PPE, they are subject to surveillance of production in accordance with Annex VIII of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 by the notified body whose accreditation number is marked on the device.
1.4) Personal use of the device is recommended to monitor the degree of the device and to maintain it continuously.
1.5) Check that the device has been supplied

intact, in the original packaging and with its information. For devices sold in different countries from the destination of origin, the distributor shall verify and supply the translation of this information.

1.6) This device can be used in combination with other devices when compatible with relevant manufacturer information.
1.7) Important

1.7.1) Avoid exposing the device to sources of heat and contact with substances chemical. Reduce direct exposure to the sun, in particular for textile and plastic devices. Low temperatures and humidity can facilitate the formation of ice, make it difficult to make connections, reduce flexibility, as well as increasing the risk of breakage, cutting and abrasion.

1.7.2) The position of the anchor is fundamental for arresting a fall safely: carefully assess the clearance under the user, the height of a potential fall, the stretch of the line/rope, the deployment of an eventual energy absorber, the height of the user, and the “pendulum” effect, in order to avoid any possible obstacle (eg the ground, the rubbing,


abrasions, etc.).
1.7.3) The minimum strength of the anchor points shall be at least 12 kN, both made on natural and artificial elements. The evaluation of those made on natural elements (rock, plants, etc.) are only possible in an empirical way, so it shall be carried out by a trained and experienced person. For those made on elements artificial (metal, concrete, etc.), the evaluation can be carried out scientifically, therefore it shall be carried out by a trained and authorized person.
1.8) Warning
1.8.1) Prolonged suspension, especially if inert, can cause damage irreversible and even death.
1.8.2) It is absolutely forbidden to modify and / or repair the device, outside than what is prescribed in this information.
1.8.3) If the user has the slightest doubt about the efficiency of the device shall replace it immediately, particularly after using it to stop a fall.
1.8.4) This device shall only be used by users medically fit, trained (and educated) for use or

under direct control of trainers / supervisors. 1.8.5) Rock and ice climbing, descents and abseils, the “via ferrata”, speleology and caving, ski-mountaineering, canyoning, exploration, rescue, tree climbing and work at height are all high-risk activities that may involve even fatal accidents. The user assumes all risks arising from the practice of these activities and the use of all our devices. 1.8.6) Laboratory tests, checks, inspections, information and standards do not always succeed to reproduce the practice, so the results obtained in real life conditions of use of the device may sometimes differ significantly. The best indications are provided by the continuous use and practice under the supervision of competent / experienced / qualified persons.

1.8.7) This information concerns the description of the features, performances, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, conservation, disinfection, etc. of the device. Even if they contain some suggestions for use, should not be considered an operating

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manual in real situations (as well as a maintenance manual of a car does not teach driving and does not replace driving school). 2 – WORK AT HEIGHT

2.1) Additional information for individual fall protection systems in the context of work at height.
2.2) For safety purposes, in these systems is essential to:

– carry out risk assessment and ensure that the entire system, of which this device is only one part, is both reliable and safe;

  • –  prepare a rescue plan to deal with any emergencies that could arise while using the device;
  • –  position the anchor device or the anchor point as high as possible;
  • –  minimize the height of potential falls;
  • –  use devices that are suitable for the purposeand certified.
    2.3) Important: in a fall arrest system it is mandatory to use a full body harness being the only device suitable for this use and this device must comply with current regulations.

3.1) Store the device in a dry place (relative humidity 40-90%), fresh (temperature 5-30 ° C) and dark, chemically neutral (avoid absolutely saline and / or acid environments), away from sharp edges, corrosive substances or other possible prejudicial conditions.
3.2) Transport the device considering the precautions foreseen for storage and limit direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.
3.3) Maintain the device as follows:
– wash frequently with warm drinking water (30°C),

possibly with the addition of a neutral detergent; – rinse and leave to dry, avoiding spinning and

direct exposure to the sun;
– only for metal components, lubricate the moving

parts with silicone-based oil after drying,

avoiding contact with textile parts.
3.4) If necessary, disinfect by soaking the device for an hour in warm water with sodium hypochlorite diluted 1% (bleach). Rinse thoroughly with drinking water, and, without spinning, leave to dry without exposure direct to the sun. Avoid autoclaving the textile devices.

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4.1) User safety depends on continuous efficiency, integrity and strength of the device, which it is necessary to monitor through the controls and the prescribed inspections.
4.2) Before and after use the user must carry out all the checks described in specific information, and in particular make sure that the device is:
– in optimal conditions and that works properly;
– suitable for use in accordance with these

instructions (any other use is considered non-

compliant and therefore potentially dangerous). 4.3) Except for more restrictive legal requirements, inspections of Category III devices shall be carried out:
– at least every 12 months starting from the first


  • –  the time interval between inspections can bereduced according to the type, the frequency

    and the environment of use;

  • –  by a competent person (therefore formed andauthorized by the manufacturer, eg a “KONG PPE Inspector”) in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

4.4) The results of periodic inspections must be recorded on the form inspection of the device or on a designated register.

5.1) The lifespan of the metal components is indefinable, theoretically unlimited, while those affected by aging report the expiration date over which the device shall be replaced. This provided that:

– the device was not used to stop a fall;
– the methods of use comply with the information

in this information;
– storage and maintenance are carried out as

described in point 3;
– the results of pre -use and post-use controls are

– the results of periodic inspections are positive; – the device is used correctly not exceeding the

marked load of:
– 1/4 for metal devices;
– 1/10 for textile devices.

5.2) Discard the devices used to stop a fall or which have not passed pre-use or post-use controls, or periodic inspections.

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5.3) Improper use, deformations, falls, wear, chemical contamination, exposure to temperatures below -30 ° C or above + 50 ° C for textile/plastic parts/devices and + 120 ° C (eg autoclave) for metal devices, are some examples of other causes thatcanreduce,limitandterminatethelifeofthe device.

6.1) Professional, recreational and competition activities are often regulated by specific laws or regulations that may impose limits and/ or requirements for the use of PPE and the preparation of safety systems, of which PPE are components.
6.2) It is duty of the user to know and apply these laws which could provide for limits different from those reported in this information.
7.1) The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the device to the regulations in force at the time of production. The warranty for defects is limited to the defects of raw materials and manufacturing, does not include normal wear and tear, oxidation or damage caused by improper use and/or in

competitions (where they are not specifically accepted by the organization of the same), from incorrect maintenance, transport, storage or storage, etc. The warranty expires immediately if the device is modified or tampered with.

7.2) The validity corresponds to the legal guarantee of the country in which the device was sold, starting from the date of sale of the new product. After this period no claim can be made against the manufacturer.

7.3) Any request for repair or replacement under warranty must be accompanied by a proof of purchase. If the defect is recognized, the manufacturer will commits to repair or, at its discretion, to replace or refund the device. In no case the manufacturer’s iability extends beyond the invoice price of the device.




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