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SENA TuffTalk M Mesh Networking

Creates Near-Limitless Connections

Mesh is a self-optimizing and self-healing network, always looking for the best connection and seeking a new one when a device disconnects.  Your job site will be state of the art technological.

Designed to incorporate field testers feedback, Sena made upgrades to the Mesh Model. Some include a flat larger wire connecting the speakers, and a microphone that is more rugged and that is replaceable.

Tufftalk M features two different Mesh modes:

  • Effective range of 0.7 miles (1.1 km)
  • Two operation modes: Open Mesh and Group Mesh
  • Mesh makes pairing a cinch
  • With Open Mesh, a near-unlimited number of users can connect to each other within an 0.7 mile radius
  • For private sessions, Group Mesh supports up to 24 participants
  • You can also pair up to four Tufftalk M via Bluetooth Intercom
  • Multiple channels to choose from
  • Use a Sena App for visual control at your fingertips


  • 2 Styles: Over-the-head earmuffs (26dB) or Hard hat integrated (24dB)
  • Designed with safety and comfort in mind
  • Hands-free intercom system
  • Three-button layout making it easy to control




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