Pelican Static Master-7/16″


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Pelican Static Master-7/16″


Pelican Rope’s Static Master features a tough, chemical resistant polyester cover over a non-rotational, parallel nylon core; making it ideal for SRS ascents, rappelling, and safety/rescue operations. Static Master allows little stretch while the nylon core provides energy absorption. Its firm braid is flexible enough to be tied and passed over pulleys and sheaves with ease. The core fibers provide and maintain the tensile strength while the sheath protects the core from abrasion.  Give us a try!!!!!


Diameter:                             7/16″ | 11mm
ABS:                                   7,000lbs | 3,203kg
Construction:                     32-Strand Kernmantle

Cover/Core:                       Polyester/Nylon

Elongation at 10%:           4.3%

Weight:                             5.7lbs per100′ | 2.58kg per30m

Spliceable:                       No, Sewn



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150', 200', 600'




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